Made with Love

Hello! My name is Pavel, and I am a developer, I got a low score.

Translation: Give the program access to your data? What's it? There is no website for the link!

And I want to talk about it 🙂

As it was: despite using Todoist, at some point I wanted something new. And Microsoft To Do (aka Wunderlist in the past) was something new.

On the one hand, a clean todo-list is nice. But, on the other hand, without the browser extension, it's kind of sad. And I guess it wasn't just me who was sad.

So the Add to Microsoft To Do extension appeared. The purpose of the extension: quick creation of tasks from the browser using the current page title, address, and selected text.

The extension uses the following APIs and permissions:

When the extension request listed permissions, the domain is displayed. And I must say this is true – the expansion was created with love in Ukraine.

See, one day, Microsoft will create an official extension. But for now, you can use unofficial Add to Microsoft To Do. If you have any doubts about the safety of use, you can read the source code of the extension.

By the way, if your memory is not better than mine and you have seen in your records URL pages to try to remember what it is about, then I suggest looking at the extension Rich URL.

It is also created with love and, apart from fighting against forgetfulness, allows:

Made with ❤ inUkraine
by Pavlo Ukhan